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Is it possible for you to go on a cross-country road trip without charting out your route? If not, then how is it possible for you to take financial decisions without making financial plans? It is usually believed that we control money, but quite often it is seen that money takes control of us. This can happen when there is no true plan or a clear idea of what is it that we want to accomplish in our lives. RupeeWiz, is here to help you achieve all your personal and financial goals. With our years of experience in financial planning we guide you through the decision making process so that you can achieve what you really want in your life.

Our experts put in their best of efforts to make sure that the financial planning acts as an effective road map to our client’s financial success. After mapping out your requirements, we prepare a plan; handle your investments to give you peace of mind knowing that the actions are taken in a right direction with the sole aim to protect your future. So whether you want to improve on your budget, do saving for grand tours, organize your assets or capitalize on your investments, which indeed requires many hours of vigorous research and learning, we are there at each step you take towards making progress in your financial growth.

Mutual Funds

Your single point access to virtually all mutual fund schemes in the market

Capital Market

Trading & Demat Account services, get paperless access to MF, Equity and ETFs

Fixed Income

Get easy access to diverse debt products like Bonds, Company Deposits, etc. from the of the leading companies, institutions in India

Retirement Plan

We offer Retirement Planning  with equity and mutual funds from the leading providers in India.

Estate Planning

Get access to exclusive opportunities for investment /consumption in real estate


Experience quality risk advisory and management services with our insurance solutions

Our Philosophy

  • Right People To Partner

    We have rich experience in financial advisory and products distribution space. Backed with right qualifications & skills, we are the
  • Value Added Services

    Our Services ensure comfort, convenience, confidence and control to you in managing your wealth. You would enjoy being always updated
  • Rich Product Basket

    We offer a single point access to multiple financial and non-financial products and solutions with a holistic need-driven approach &
  • Client Centric Approach

    Nothing influences and concerns us more than your long-term interests. Hence we have designed everything possible to match your needs


Key Indicator

Index Current Previous Change Change(%)
NIFTY 100 10836.30 10875.00 -38.70 -0.36
NIFTY 100 TRI 13758.31 13807.45 -49.14 -0.36
NIFTY 200 5616.30 5630.60 -14.30 -0.25
NIFTY 50 10600.05 10656.20 -56.15 -0.53
NIFTY 50 TRI 14676.29 14754.03 -77.74 -0.53
NIFTY 500 8940.30 8960.15 -19.85 -0.22
NIFTY 500 TRI 13252.75 13282.16 -29.41 -0.22
NIFTY LARGEMIDCAP 250 5616.87 5617.08 -0.21 -0.00
NIFTY MIDCAP 100 17507.15 17419.90 87.25 0.50
NIFTY MIDCAP 100 TRI 22446.44 22334.60 111.84 0.50
NIFTY NEXT 50 27375.10 27163.15 211.95 0.78
NIFTY NEXT 50 TRI 37020.25 36733.58 286.67 0.78
NIFTY SMALLCAP 100 INDEX 7566.55 7629.20 -62.65 -0.82
S&P BSE 100 10883.54 10921.60 -38.06 -0.35
S&P BSE 100 TRI 12881.05 12926.09 -45.04 -0.35
S&P BSE 200 4535.64 4548.25 -12.61 -0.28
S&P BSE 200 TRI 5364.46 5379.38 -14.92 -0.28
S&P BSE 500 14173.59 14208.30 -34.71 -0.24
S&P BSE MIDCAP 14991.12 14896.39 94.73 0.64
S&P BSE MIDSMALLCAP INDEX 3914.53 3901.93 12.60 0.32
S&P BSE SENSEX 35199.80 35474.51 -274.71 -0.77
S&P BSE SENSEX TRI 50790.75 51187.14 -396.39 -0.77
S&P BSE SMALL CAP 14414.49 14405.55 8.94 0.06
Data As On Date : 21-Nov-2018

Fund Manager Interviews

Mr. Amit Tripathi

Mr. Amit Tripathi

Mr. Amit Tripathi CIO – Fixed Income. Reliance AMC Amit has more than 20 years experience in Financial Services. At the age of twenty-eight, he became one of the youngest…


Mr. Manish Gunwani

Mr. Manish Gunwani

Mr. Manish Gunwani, CIO -Equity InvestmentsReliance Mutual Fund Manish graduated from IIT Chennai with a B.Tech and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM Bangalore. Manish has 21…


Mr. Viral Berawala

Mr. Viral Berawala

Mr. Viral Berawala Chief Investment Officer, Essel Mutual Fund Viral Berawala is the Chief Investment Officer at Essel Finance AMC Limited. Previously, he has worked with Reliance Nippon Life Insurance…


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